Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Ice Sculptures Affordable? Yes! Drink Luges start at $150.00.

 The cost of hand carved ice sculptures is low when you consider the excitement and

 memorable experience you create for your guests.


Do you use special ice?  Yes. All Cool Ice produces its own 300 lb. blocks of crystal clear ice.

We use a special process that cirrculates the water allowing the ice to freeze from the

bottom up. Thus creating a crystal clear carving block.


Are ice molds used? No Molds Here! At All Cool ice EVERY design is hand carved from our

own ice.


How long does it take to make an ice sculpture? It depends on the project.the design compexity.

A standard single block sculpture can take as little as a few hours. Add the time it takes to

prepare the ice,transportation and delivery and it could take as many as five to seven hours.


How Long will it last? Most designs will last for up to six hours. Outside in the summer under a

cover it will still be presentable after four hours.


How far in advance do i need to order the ice sculpture?  All Cool Ice asks that a minimum of

two weeks notice is given for each order. Popular dates durring the wedding season fill up



How far will you travel for an event?  We are willing  to talk to you about any location and event.